The Language of Love

speak love

Why is it important to talk about love languages? I actually think the answer is pretty simple. We all give and receive love differently. Most of the time we give love to our partners the way we best receive it.

And while that makes complete sense, it doesn’t always work well for our relationships. It’s important to understand our partners’ love languages so that we can show love in the ways they most need it.

The Five Love Languages

Words of Affirmation: Compliments, spoken or written appreciation, “I love you,” and all the reasons why. You feel most connected to your partner when you hear, or even read, words of affirmation from him/her.

Quality Time: Face-to-face, one-on-one, undivided, and uninterrupted time together is an absolute must.

Receiving Gifts: Whether big or small, the action of and effort behind thoughtfully choosing a gift for you means the world.

Acts of Service: Cleaning the house, running an errand, scheduling an appointment, helping you with an assignment–when your partner does something for you, you feel loved.

Physical Touch: Ranging from a brush on the arm to sexual intimacy, physical presence and accessibility are what you need in order to feel truly cared for.

You probably have an idea of what your own love languages are just by reading the list but can you figure out which ones rank the highest for your significant other? In case you’re curious, take the quiz.

PS. My number one is Quality Time but I’m also a sucker for Words of Affirmation. Coincidentally, writing is my best form of communication so I sometimes forget how much my hubs needs his hugs and kisses (he’s big on Touch and such a softie when it comes to cuddle time). But don’t tell him I told you. 🙂