Groom Requirements


A couple of weeks ago we wrote a post about the responsibilities of the best man. So today we wanted to go over the responsibilities of the groom…WHAT?! THE GROOM HAS RESPONSIBILITIES!

Yes, besides showing up the groom also has a to-do list to accomplish before he can wait for his other half down the aisle. So what are these tasks…well we have written them down for you.

1. You need to check on your best man and make sure that he has the rings, the money to pay the official, documents you may need during or after the wedding and your stay calm pep talk. Make it known to him that you are counting on him and that this is not the time to screw things up!

2. Your transportation should have been figured out by now, whether it is going from the wedding ceremony to the reception or the reception to the hotel/airport, you should know who is taking you where. Your wedding party should be able to help you out with this, especially your best man. You have to make sure that you and your brides bags are being taken to the right location as well.

3. The groomsmen gifts should have been handed out the night before the wedding but if not, right before the ceremony, usually all the groomsmen gather together, this is when you should hand out the gifts. Also it is ok for the best man to get a different gift, it is actually expected.

4. You are the time keeper so you need to make sure that everyone is ready and dressed and at the location one hour prior to the wedding starting. Make sure you have reserved a room for you and your groomsmen to wait in. This is also the place where you can hang out and take care of any last minute details.

There you have it, your groomsmen task. Follow this and you will be sure to have a successful wedding day!