Green Flowers for Weddings

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If you are looking for a way to make your wedding feel fresh and pretty, consider using green flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces. Light and upbeat, not overly girly, green flowers work well with a wide variety of wedding themes.

Take a look at some of the beautiful ways to use green flowers in your wedding.

For a late spring or early summer wedding, green hydrangeas are spectacular. A round bouquet comprised entirely of light green hydrangeas is marvelous when paired with a simple but elegant wedding gown worn with pearl bridal jewelry. The same bouquet looks fantastic for bridesmaids dressed in pink, lilac, yellow, or navy.

Choosing green blossoms is a nice alternative to the more standard white or pink bouquets, yet the hydrangeas are classic enough to work well with a fairly traditional wedding. They look fantastic in centerpieces, perhaps combined with peonies or garden roses in shades of pink. Their full blossoms also make green hydrangeas an excellent choice to fill in between layers of the wedding cake or even to use under glass for a unique table decoration.

Orchids are one of the most exotic and sought-after varieties of wedding flowers. They are sophisticated and elegant, and never fail to be impressive. Cymbidium orchids also happen to come in a spectacular shade of green. They often have a hint of dark pink or yellow inside the throat of the orchid, which helps to break up the monochromatic effect of using a single type of flower for the bouquets or centerpieces.

The vibrant hue of cymbidium orchids would look stunning in a medium sized bouquet for a bride wearing a white organza wedding gown. For a more dramatic design, combine the orchids with deeply colored flowers, such as dark eggplant calla lilies.

Some of the most versatile flowers for weddings come in white and can easily be dyed to a pretty shade of green. This is a fun project for the diy bride. Take airy Queen Anne’s lace and dye it a soft green. Use the ethereal blossoms to fill urns for altar decorations.

Carnations are another very easy flower to custom dye to your wedding colors. Lime green carnations make fabulous pomanders, either as decorations or for bridesmaids to carry. If you are wearing pearl bridal jewelry, pop a large faux pearl pin into the center of each carnation or suspend the pomanders from handles made from faux pearls. It is a great design that is both modern and romantic at the same time.

Succulents are another pretty option for adding green to your wedding bouquets and centerpieces. They are very popular among eco-friendly brides, and would be a great addition to any eclectic wedding floral arrangement. Succulents are often used alone for centerpieces, perhaps planted in low square boxes or arranged in trios small vases with tall stems.

For bouquets, the dusty sage green hue of succulents looks gorgeous in combination with flowers in shades of orange or soft purple. The green hue really plays up the natural style of an eco-friendly wedding.

There are some other lovely options for green flowers for your wedding. There are lady slipper orchids, Kermit mums, and virbidium, just to name a few. Whether you want the bright pop of an all green bouquet, or wish to add touches of green to colorful centerpieces, you will find some beautiful choices. A hint of green in the floral decorations will give your wedding a fresh and upbeat appeal.